Üsküdar University 9th International Congress of Medical Hypnosis | 11 - 12 - 13 December 2015

Prof. Eva Banyai
Dr. Gaby Golan
Dr. Gunnar Rosen
Dr. Nir Uziel
Dr. Veit Messmer
Dr. Yossi Adir

Congress of Medical Hypnosis | Üsküdar University

Üskudar University, ÜSEM (Üsküdar University Continuing Education Research and Application Center), Turkish Society of Medical Hypnosis (THD) and ESH (European Society of Hypnosis), invite you to attend the “9th International Congress of Medical Hypnosis” in Istanbul on 11-13 December, 2015.

Hippocrates defines Hypnosis “as a means of accessing the body’s natural ability to correct itself and grow healthily” and treats the body as a whole. Additionally, Avicenna, for the first time, highlights the fact that “hypnosis” differs from “sleep” and refers to hypnosis as “the pleasant dreamy imagination”. Actually, as mentioned by the two famous physicians Hippocrates and Avicenna, hypnosis is a means of complementary treatment giving us bliss while at the same time making us becoming aware of the importance to treat the Body and Soul as a whole. Eventually, the motto of our congress points out this fact very well: “Hypnosis is Awareness of Body and Soul”.

During the congress, hypnosis and its applications in treatment which has always taken an important place through Complementary Medical treatment protocols, hypnotic induction techniques and the suggestions given during hypnotic treatment will be discussed through various symposiums, presentations and workshops with the participation of national and international speakers who have different posts in ESH (European Society of Hypnosis) and ISH (International Society of Hypnosis); such as Presidency and BOD membership.

We expect all the physicians, dentists and psychologists who are willing to be informed about hypnosis and who have the ambition the follow and learn the worldwide state of the art developments in the field of hypnosis and its applications to attend this event.


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Those planning to make oral presentations or poster presentations are requested to send their abstracts to Prof. Dr. Çetin Kaleli (cetinkaleli@yahoo.com) until November 15, 2015.


  • To provide the Physicians, Dentists and Psychologists the opportunity to share and learn the hypnosis methods used in the field of traditional and complementary medicine, the induction techniques applied and the suggestions given during hypnotic treatment,
  • To organize a congress platform so that the case studies and workshops regarding the complementary use of hypnosis in treatment could be presented, and also the clinical applications and scientific researches regarding hypnosis could be discussed,
  • To create the environment that will enable to information and experience flow between the participants and the Hypnosis Authorities who have a worldwide reputation and experience in the field of hypnosis,
  • To ensure that the participants who are the members of ESH and ISH are informed about the use of hypnosis in medicine, and the current situation and the developments regarding hypnosis in Turkiye; also to promote worldwide the use of hypnosis in Turkiye,
  • To promote the world standards of medical hypnosis applications, to create a meeting point for different disciplines and to generate various application potentials regarding hypnosis,
  • To organize a congress which will enable the professionals who have the qualifications for treatment and at the same time who have got the proper hypnosis training to earn CPs (Credit Points) for Continuous Education essential for Hypnosis Certification in compliance with European Standards*.
* This Congress is CPs credited for Continuous Education by ESH.


Admission fee is 150 Euro. Doctors, dentists, psychologists and senior students may attend. This congress is awarded 20 ECH-CPs* by ESH.
* European Certificate of Hypnosis Credit Points

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